Melissa Sky - the definition of glamour

I was introduced to Melissa at a Ravish Sands Swimwear shoot and was immediately drawn to her personality, and the way she presented herself. We had a great shoot, and got some killer images.

Fast forward to present - and what you see here is a sample of her latest shoot. After reaching out to me for some commissioned work, we went back and forth on what style of shoot she wanted to do. After a few emails and texts, she decided on shooting lingerie. I am always drawn to the classic glamour look. In my head I had a vision of how to show Melissa's true beauty.

I guess the best way to describe it is to just quote her after receiving her images; "You really know the perfect angles! You definitely know how to make anyone look classy." Well Melissa - you are classy, all I did was capture it. ;)

Nikon D300s w/ Sigma 50mm F1.4; 1/160th @ f5.6 AB800 backlit with AB800 in Beauty dish on axis