my ace in the hole, my muse

When I am asked about my images, about how I capture someone, the first question most people ask is "what is your inspiration" That's the easiest thing to explain, above all technical, artistic and creative abilities: Kimberly. Now this is not a rant to confirm to my wife that she is the apple of my eye or that she is the only woman I see in my head - this is more an explanation to what drives me to capture people the way I do.

It's rather simple, actually. I have spent my whole life searching for my equal, the other half, the ying to my yang. I've experienced a lot in my life, open-heart surgery, love, divorce, a later return trip to have a pacemaker implanted, some more love, sorrow, I've experienced... life. When I met Kimberly, it just all made sense. Every day is not a bed of roses, every conversation is not always positive - but that's not what it's all about. What it's all about is the look in her eye when she is happy, content but not complacent. She has given me the foresight to see what drives me to succeed photographically: the ability to make someone smile. NOTHING in the world is more powerful than a sincere smile. Be it on camera, or after seeing the images from a set. I cannot explain the feeling I get from putting a smile on someones face.

It's a simple recipe; her smile, her complete happiness is what makes me capture people the way I do. Call it what you will, I'm not interested in defining it but simply put, who wouldn't want to put a smile on someones face. 


D300s w/ 70-200mm VR I: 1/800th @ f4, ISO 640