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Thanks for taking a moment to read my bio. Instead of myself speaking about myself, I'd rather my images and reputation speak on my behalf of myself, for myself. To the left is my Instagram feed, it's a good way to see what I see, do you see? Please read on knowing I take myself very very lightly, you should as well, I work best when I under promise and over deliver. 

"I want to make people smile, plain and simple." 

From unit stills to portfolio development, family portraits to event coverage, I want to make people smile. There is nothing better than getting people to smile - on camera or as they view the results. This has become my "artistic statement" of sorts lately, here's the blog post that started the movement. 

I have been a creative my whole life. I have been a hard working person my whole life. I have been a photographer my whole life. I have my bad days like any other, but I will put work and creativity before anything else and I can count on my hand how many times I’ve not delivered what was asked of me for a job. You may find more creative people out there but you will be hard pressed to find someone more dedicated to fueling my passion and creativity by providing you what you envision. Here is a link to my resume if you are curious. 

Let's have some fun and capture some awesome moments.

I am simply Michael Falco, the product of a lifetime of triumph, disappointment, happiness and sorrow- in other words, the product of life. Something I have always been is a photographer, capturing moments in time and preserving them, in my mind and on camera. I have discovered that by not having the accessibility to fotos of my life experiences some of these experiences have been lost forever. I want to help people remember. To give them the opportunity to look back on a time and place and remember the  EXACT feeling they had at that moment- priceless.  The path I have taken has been one of observation, discovery, and creativity and if there is anything I have learned on this path is that time is precious and a moment captured is a moment forever treasured ...  

Take a picture, it lasts longer.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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