beautiful - inside and out

How many times have you heard a photographer say, "Once in a great while I come across a subject that makes me smile" I know I've said it a few times now and I will say it again for the ever so lovely Gina. 

Gina approached me for some maternity shots, and at first I must admit I was a bit puzzled. Not only is she a fellow photographer, but surely she knew maternity was not my "forte". We got to chatting and she emailed me a few sample images of what she was tring to accomplish with our session. Flash, flash, flash! The lights went off in my head. She approached me for EXACTLY what my forte is: beauty shots. Gina wanted me to capture the true beauty of a woman bearing a child, and I set out to do exactly that.

Working with a client like Gina is an absolute pleasure - indeed one of those "once in a great while" sessions. Her comfort and confidence in front of the camera was incredible (for all those who say they hate being in front of a camera, read that sentence again knowing she said she was not usually this comfortable in front of the camera).

What you see below are the results of our efforts. I think Gina did an amazing job and she looks absolutely gorgeous. I will close these words with the last sentence from her email to me after seeing the selects:

"Thank you so much again, you have no idea what these photos mean to me and how much you exceeded what I thought was possible from this session." 

Nikon D300s w/ Nikor 24-70mm f2.8 - Studio strobes