my humble thank you to Brittany Oldehoff

I had met Brit on a shoot for Ravish Sands a while back and she just rocked it. Her on camera presence and personality is exactly who she is in real life, wonderful. Over the months, we worked on a few shoots together and I must say - she is a true talent and an amazing person. In the short time I have known her she has proven that hard work, perseverance, and dedication does in fact pay off. When we first met she was in-between agencies hoping to be signed with NEXT, then on a visit to NY she signed with RED NYC, and most recently with LENI'S of London. Brittany, you are officially international. 

Why am I saying thank you to this lovely rising star? It's simple; she gave an unknown photographer the opportunity to work with a true talent. This opportunity forced me to step up my game and she continues to challenge me with new ideas and concepts. Thanks to her, I have built a strong relationship with NEXT Miami, several other agency models, and have helped my images be known internationally as well.

Brittany: thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for seeing my talents before I did, for believing in me, and for giving me a chance to show my work to the world. I am grateful and I am humbled - I can't wait for our next shoot!

Below are a few shots from along the way and very first attempt at video production (I told you she challenges me). If you want to see more of Birttany, give her website a gander. 

Brittany in B&W from michael falco on Vimeo.