Disclaimer from me - I am coming clean

Please understand, my posts from now on are going to get ... a little weird. As my lovely wife posted and as those of you dear to us who already know, I have heart failure.

Those of you who really know me know there have been some bad days over the years but overall, I've just. kept. swimming. This is the point in my epic Trilogy where I must once again; face it for the battle of middle, oh, enough with the bad movie references ... said NO falco EVER!

© kimberly falco 2013

First, I must address my lovely wife, Kimberly. Hold-on, tearing up a bit … Kimberly, you are simply amazing. Your positive energy, confidence, and over-all awesomeness drive me to be; the best that I can be. Fate could not of drawn a better card here; you are my perfect match, by first mate (ehem), and my motherfucking sunshine.

I am not going to make this a drawn out crazy long ass post, just know all is well in my world and as some things may need to go on hold, other things will be created.

I am of positive spirit and this is just a simple problem with a known solution. When I post, I am not asking for sympathy nor am I trying to draw attention to the problem. Please, my dear friends, let fly the smart ass comments, bad puns, and what ever else we can throw at this to make it light and entertaining, I know I am sure as shit sure going to!

I just want you all to know that I am merely inviting those of you who wish to come along with me on an adventure to tune in, those that don’t, simply tune out.