be. the. path

It was a harmless challenge from 2 friends- sum up what one's view on life was in 3 words. These are my three little birds, I mean words...

The long winded version, I thought you'd never ask. We all walk the path every day, physically or metaphorically. Just like the path in the woods, your existence coincides with the paths, whether you like it or not. You could of been the pioneer of the path, the second, third or fourth who established the path or you can be the thousandth to walk the path. Your place on the path is not as important as your coexistence with the path.

Whidbey Island, my first hike in the PNW

The pioneer forged the path for others to see while those who established the path either confirmed or corrected that this path was in fact, the best path at that particular moment in time. The thousandth person contributes to the path by keeping it established yet infusing their own life into the path. One may walk the path to feel the serenity of the surroundings, the whole of it. Another may find a part of the path to be the most important aspect to them, the horticulture, the wildlife, the topography, or just simply the act of taking the path. Others may record the path with imagery or words to share with those who may not physically be able to. We all become a part of the path and through this we share OUR path with others. 

We are all nothing more than experience and existence, we choose to share this by being the path.