BFA/BAS Architectural Technology & Design, New York Institute of Technology 1993
Certificate in Desktop Publishing, Hendriks Institute, 1996

photography From products to people, commercial to personal, photography is more than just documentation of a moment. Knowing when to shoot, where to shoot and what type of light to use is just the beginning. Creating an environment that allows the model to get lost in the moment or the product to jump out of the photo is the main course. Being able to then look at an image and create a post process that not only compliments the image but enhances it without losing the original intent, well that’s the dessert. And when it all comes together, well it’s a recipe for what I love to do, making people smile and say “YES!”

marketing “Our product is the BEST!” is not the best marketing plan. Knowing when to be subtle and when to scream is. The ability to know when to market technical information and when to invoke emotional feelings makes a smart marketing plan. I have worked on a range of products from power tool & accessories, to home and garden products. By using tactics learned from veterans and trend setters alike, my marketing style has helped many a product reach out and say “BUY ME!” packaging Design of various P-O-P and merchandising including: corrugated boxes, clamshell packaging, 4 color litho packaging and numerous in-store displays. Creating successful packaging goes beyond a good design, beyond a good concept and includes so many other factors. Maximizing exposure in minimal space, grabbing the attention of the consumer in a busy retail environment, facilitating security requirements, and always keeping budget and time frame in mind are just a few of the major challenges that I have been faced with and met with great success.

print production Ensuring a team of art directors that their design will carry over to production is no easy task. Having a sharp eye for color saturation and correction, the feasibility of a .25pt line, knowing when a project should be run on a Heidelburg, digital offset, or a variety of other presses, and figuring how that die cut will work in time and on budget all play a part in making sure the creative team gets the end result they envisioned – now that is a task I am proud to say I have accomplished. magazine design When designing editorial content, emphasizing the article without distracting the reader is key. Anyone can use tracking, kerning, leading and all the other cool typographical tricks to make a layout look good, but holding the interest of the reader while enhancing the editorial content is a challenge I take with a deep passion. The end result of my efforts are designs that please the eye, draw the reader in and solidify the writers point.

web design Web based projects are way beyond small file sizes and a limited color pallet. A good designer also considers site architecture, project time line, customer needs and expectations, and the overall usability of the site. By mixing my abilities and knowing what can be done and who can do it, I can deliver solutions for most challenges.



Michael Falco Photography LLC USA Freelance Photographer Freelance

PELL Industrial/ SPEEDHEX Inc. Seattle Product/Package Design Contract Employee 2003 – Present

Publications International Chicago Art Director Contract Employee 2006 – 2008

Dave Pappas Creative Brooklyn, NY Production Designer Freelance

Precision Products Plus Chicago Product/Package Design Freelance

REPTech/JFW NYE Chicago Art/Marketing Director August 2003 – May 2006

TG Madison Atlanta Studio Manager June 2003 – August 2003

Jore Corporation Atlanta Senior Designer November 2002 – June 2003

mdsi Publishing Atlanta Senior Art Director April 01 – November 2002

WCW magazine/AOL Time Warner Atlanta Art Director October 00 – April 01

syntax communication group West Sayville, NY Interactive Developer February 00 – October 00

Art Director October 97 – February 00

Briarcliffe College Bethpage, NY Instructor October 97 – October 00

Erin-Edwards Communications, Inc. Glen Head, NY Assoc Art Director December 97 – July 98

Levine-Martin Advertising, Inc. Commack, NY Graphic Artist August 96 – December 97