One simple, elegant equation that explains everything in the universe.

Forgive me for I have been remiss, really really remiss.

So, it’s been a time of deep thought, hard work, and the finding of balance between the two that has lead me to writing. Some time ago I posed myself with a question, sparked by Stephen Hawking himself. OK, it was really the movie “Theory of Everything” where I first heard of the simple, elegant equation. Balance – this is my simple equation to define everything in the universe.

It’s the delicate inputs that keep things from going haywire.

Balance, it’s as simple as that. Isaac Newton said it, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Einstein expanded on it. You forcefully try to offset the balance; it forcefully pushes right back. If you start doing slight input fluctuations, you will find balance. Think about pushing someone on a swing. It’s a bitch to get them a swinging, but once they start swinging other forces take over, you find a balance between all those forces and you see, it’s the delicate inputs that keep things from going haywire. Most of you have pushed someone on a swing, am I wrong?

You first start learning to drive, you mash the gas, you mash the brake. Do you not learn that gentle, gradual input is what gives you the smoothest ride?

I remember the first time my dad let me drive. I will never forget, we were putting up the soccer nets at Udall Jr. High and my dad had this old skool full size Dodge van. I begged him to let me drive it “come on dad! It’s a soccer field, I can’t hit ANYTHING!” Apparently my logic worked and my dad came up with the bright idea of keeping the driver side door open and standing on the step-up, with me in the driver seat. He felt this was the closest he could be to helping me out of trouble but still letting me get into trouble. Well, of course I go and mash the gas – we take off! MY dad tries his best to remain calm by screaming STOP STOP STOP!!!! Ok, I’m a kid, who never EVER drove a car before, what did I do?? I stopped, by mashing the brakes to the floor. This was my first experience with the impact of forceful motions, not sure what lesson number it was for my dad. I have since progressed and my driving skills have increased exponentially. Oh, side note, when my dad told the story to my mom when we got home, she laughed and laughed and laughed. I love my parents.

Oh, side note, when my dad told the story to my mom when we got home, she laughed and laughed and laughed. I love my parents.

Did you see what I did there? I threw a little zen at ya

Of course all this needs to be proven with graphs, charts, and shit – so if that’s your thing, google’s got it, that google guy knows his shit) In other words, I’m coming to you my peers, prove me wrong. Make this viral, I want my theory proven by the only people who can truly prove me right, the naysayers and the disbelievers.

Help me prove the simple, elegant equation balance=balance

Equal and opposite, for every action is a reaction. No matter how you say it, it’s how you perceive it that matters. If you can truly take comfort in knowing that if you continue forcefully, you will always be exhausted. Take a chance and try to focus (consciously) on every action you put out into the world. You might just find that becoming fully conscious might just be a kick in the pants.